Check Out Stunning Black and White Images from Russian Photographer Igor Vorobey


Russian-born photographer Igor Vorobey brings a new meaning to black and white photography, with stunning nude models, sheer fabrics that show juuust enough skin, and the sensual streets and beaches of Barcelona.

Shooting exclusively in black and white, Vorobey has more than 20 years of experience behind the camera, and brings both an erotic sexuality and soft romanticism to his photographs.

In the stunning gallery above, behold some of Vorobey’s greatest work yet, featuring stunning NSFW images you won’t be able to get enough of. 

Speaking with Maxim, Vorobey explained that he began shooting nude photography as an expression of his love and deep appreciation of the female body — with its soft, delicate curves, voluptuous hourglass shape, and irresistible femininity.

“I began shooting nude photography not by chance; Back in my youth, being a desperate lover of women, I realized that it was impossible to seduce all women. But it was possible to take their pictures.

“I sincerely believe that it’s better to be the first and best photographer in the life of a young and beautiful girl, rather than the first and not the best sexual lover.

“I adore women – I consider them the best work of nature and my photos are my way of expressing my admiration for this beauty.”

This statement I stand by. Women really are nature’s most magnificent creation.