13 Reasons We Love Italian Beauty Inés Trocchia

This stunning model has big things in her future.
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Inés Trocchia is just getting started. The 21-year-old stunner moved to Milan to pursue her dream of fashion stardom, and we can safely say that she's well on her way. She's posed for the Italian editions of Maxim and GQ and walked runways for global fashion brands — and she's far from done yet.

"I want to build something more than a beautiful shell," she told Melty in 2015. "I want to sing, dance, act; in short, expand my horizons." 

Keep your eyes peeled for this brunette beauty's talents on her Instagram feed at @inestrocchia. In the meantime, here are a few reasons we've fallen in love with this scintillating Italian siren.

She looks damn good in red...

...and black. 

Her figure is close to perfect:

Her natural habitat is the bedroom:

She makes lingerie look better than you imagined...

...same with tiny bikinis:

She loves herself as much as we love her:

She even looks good in glasses...

...especially sunglasses:

She loves to strip down for her fans...

We weren't kidding...

No, really, we weren't kidding:

Oh yeah, and she knows how to read:

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