Instababe Alexis Ren Mooned The Camera While Skateboarding and it Was Hot as Hell

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There's a reason Instagram hottie Alexis Ren keeps her followers interested. Sure, she's got the curves and a killer smile, but she's also damn creative. We've seen her doing target practice, dance with a dinosaur, and go skinny-dipping

Well, she's been skateboarding as well, but in the video above she didn't try and trick moves or stunts, she just decided it was time to "Show that ass girl." 

So we don't know a lot about Alexis's skills as a skater, but she could've done a kickturn then an ollie while applying makeup perfectly and we're pretty sure we'd only remember the moonrise. 

While we're at it, let's check out a few more recent hits from Alexis's Insta, because, well—who needs a reason, really?

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