‘Fingermouthing’ Is The Sexiest New Selfie Trend on Instagram

Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and McKayla Maroney can’t stop doing it.


Instagram has spawned a sexy new selfie trend–and it’s called “fingermouthing.” 

It’s more understated than the tried-and-tested “duck face” and far more graceful than the backside-baring “belfie” (though we still gotta love that one). 

As the name suggests, to “fingermouth”, selfie-takers must raise their fingers to their mouth, typically to frame the lips. Fingers often rest in a furled position to keep things cooly casual. 

The fingermouth draws attention to the mouth, sometimes to announce “check out this new lipstick I’m shilling for” but typically j “hey, I’m young and cute so why not?” 

As is the case with most selfie trends, many commentators say Kylie Jenner was the first to raise that fabled finger for the ‘gram.


The pose eventually trickled down to the rest of the Kardashian brood, with Khloé, Kim, and Kendall all offering up their best fingermouths. Kim and Kendall are a touch more subtle in their approaches, whereas Khloé goes for broke by inching her finger nearly into her mouth.


That’s fingermouthing of the highest order.

Predictably, the Hadid girls are also fond of resting their fingers around their mouth holes, even during photo shoots and red carpets.


But Instagram’s elite don’t hold a monopoly on the growth “fingermouthing” industry. Rising bombshells McKayla Maroney, Kristen Hancher, and Ashley Benson all count themselves as budding “fingermouthers.”


We hope this one stays around, but only time (and your likes) will tell.