Instagram Beauty Shares Honest Photo of Stretch Marks To Spread Inspirational Message

"Tigers, wear your stripes proud!"
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Last week, another righteous Instagram beauty took a moment from her gym-and-selfie routine to share a profound body-positive message.

19-year-old British woman Isabella Mabey, who goes by the moniker "BellaFitUK," shared a skin-baring photo, where the stretch marks on her thighs were plainly exposed. 

Mabey declared that stretch marks aren't something to be ashamed of or hide from. She captioned the image with a lengthy screed to any would-be body shamers.

I've thought a lot about posting this picture as I don't want people to get the wrong idea.

This is me, in my natural form, no tensing, no posing. This is not a sexy picture, nor is it me trying to look sexy. I really want to make a point about something so natural that a lot of women (and men) get- STRETCH MARKS!! As you can see, I have a lot on the tops of my legs and my bum.

I used to hate them so much. I started puberty young but didn't actually stop until last year when I hit the final phase, hip widening. Within a few short months I had them so bad they looked like I had been whipped and scratched. I had 0 confidence and wouldn't have been seen dead in shorts and even felt uncomfortable in a bikini on holiday.

But... you should not let yourself get down about them. They are so normal! My family kept telling me they would fade and they did. They are still thick and visible but having stretch marks does not mean you are FAT. Stretch marks can appear where ever and whenever your body grows quickly and this can also occur when building muscle.

Your body needs to readjust and your skin will tighten. I have learnt to love my body and appreciate my curves. I am not 'skinny', and I am happy with that. Instead I want to build on what I have and become more muscular and curvaceous.

Remember to love all your imperfections and embrace them. Tigers, wear your stripes proud!

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