Gaze Upon the Sexiest Shots From This Globe-Trotting Photographer

Mat “Bad Boi” Abad combines stunning scenery with the world’s hottest models.

Known on the Internet as @badboi, Mat Abad is one of hottest photographers in the game.

Preferring to shoot outdoors than in meticulously lit studios, Abad — who is currently on the job in Capri, Italy — marries a love of stunning scenery with drool-inducing Instagram babes.

Once a professional dancer, Abad demonstrates exactly why he made the switch to photography—shooting gorgeous models in Sardinia, Tulum, Nice, Bali, Switzerland… and any exotic destination you could name.

His sun-soaked, skin-baring shots are staples on Instagram and Tumblr, and have landed him work with brands like Adidas and Puma.

See the world through Abad’s distinctive eye with his most stunning Instagram shots, below.