Sexy Celebrity Spawn Ireland Baldwin Stuns in Nude Beach Shoot

Don't tell Alec.
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(Photo: Rachel Murray/Harper's Bazaar/Getty Images)

(Photo: Rachel Murray/Harper's Bazaar/Getty Images)

Hailey Baldwin isn't the only model in the family tree. Her older cousin Ireland Baldwin, daughter of Alec and actress Kim Basinger, has also gotten into the industry, and she's got the sexy photo shoots to prove it.

The 21-year-old beauty, the spitting image of her mother, just hit Instagram with a pot of gold—an outtake from a shoot with photographer Trevor Flores. Her name may call to mind images of four-leaf clovers and dancing leprechauns, but this beachy shoot took place in the Bahamas. 

Alas, she only teased one photo. But that doesn't mean her Instagram isn't awash with similarly sexy photo shoots. See some more, below.

Look away, Alec. 

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