Meet Isabelle Ratchford, the Sexy Younger Sister of Instagram Queen Abigail Ratchford

Christmas just came early.

Allow us to introduce Isabelle Ratchford, the smoking hot younger sister of Instagram sensation Abigail Ratchford. 

The 20-year-old bombshell is clearly following in the footsteps of her more established sibling, and has aspirations of being the next big-time Instagram model. 

The guys at Bro Bible ever-so-kindly obliged Isabelle's request to be featured on their site, and even ran a Q&A with the soon-to-be social media star. Here's a snippet from their interview: 

What’s your dream date?

My dream date would be if the guy showed up to my house with all different types of pink candy and beautiful peonies flowers. Then he would take me to a romantic dinner in a garden setting with pink roses and twinkling lights everywhere.

What quality do you find the most attractive in a guy?

The two most attractive qualities I find in a guy are honesty and loyalty. I believe that above all else a man should always be honest and loyal to the woman he loves regardless of what might occur in the relationship.

Favorite guilty pleasure?

My favorite guilty pleasures would have to be overindulging in chocolate, listening to either Frank Sinatra or Billy Joel while taking a bubble bath and everything to do with Hello Kitty or Disney Princesses. I’m sorry, you guys, I couldn’t pick just one.

But let's get down to brass tacks: her Instagram feed. It's just as hot as you might have hoped. She's even posted a few sexy Christmas-themed shots to celebrate the season. 

But that's not all! The rest of the aspiring social media starlet's sexy pics make her extremely follow-worthy. Here's a sampling: