F*ck the Haters, We Love Iskra Lawrence From Every Angle

You do you, Iskra.
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Aerie model and Maxim favorite Iskra Lawrence has a New Year's resolution: to be true to herself — especially on Instagram. 

"I will keep putting out images that have no retouching [and] no filter," the plus-size beauty wrote in a photo posted to Instagram on New Year's Day. "It's not up to society or the media to tell you that your so called 'flaws' or 'imperfections' aren't beautiful — you are all perfectly imperfect because you are you!" 

"No matter if someone calls me fat I can laugh it off because I've learnt to love myself internally, not by what others think of me," she added.

We can't imagine why anyone would levy such hate and the lovely Lawrence. After all, the 25-year-old model isn't much different than you or I: she loves to party and dance, and she looks and feels confident in her own skin. 

Apparently the model's racked up her own set of critics: Life and Style Weekly reported in December that critiques were increasingly accusing Lawrence of photoshopping her signature derriere. The voluptuous model shot back by posting videos of herself working out her glutes in the gym.

To the haters we say, get a life. And to Iskra: You do you. We love your natural beauty, and you're a model we'll always appreciate from every angle.