Smokeshow Iskra Lawrence Sizzles on Instagram In a Tiny Purple Thong

So damn hot.
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Anytime is a good time to check in with Iskra Lawrence. The English model with the unforgettable Instagram is at it again, too, thrilling her followers with shots like the one above. It's supposedly about the bomber jacket, but the point is likely the purple thong. 

When Iskra isn't putting her fantastic hourglass curves out there, she's killing it with her body-positivity game. Example: early in May she totally called out a lingerie company that photoshopped bras on her in their Amazon listings. 

After all, like we pointed out a couple of months ago, Iskra doesn't need any help. She looks great, retouched photos be damned. Take a look at some of her recent Insta posts below for proof. 

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