Watch Iskra Lawrence Strip On A NYC Subway And Deliver A Powerful Message in Lingerie

The bombshell model is spreading the word about body positivity in the sexiest way possible.


(Photo: Instagram)

Bodacious model Iskra Lawrence is no stranger to showing off what her mama gave her – flaws and all.

In her most recent body positivity announcement, the curvy beauty took to the subway to strip down to her skivvies and share with unsuspecting commuters her body positivity journey, in hopes that she could inspire others to love their bodies as much as she loves her own.

In the video, she says: 

“This body is not just something to be objectified, to be grabbed, to be looked at. This is my vessel, this is my home, I respect it”

Preach, girl!

“What I really hope by sharing this with you today is that you are going to see yourself differently. Every single one of us has so much value and so much worth that is so much more than just skin.

“So please when you look in the mirror when you get home do not pick out your insecurities, do not look at the things that society told you is not good enough because you are so much more than that.”

And this isn’t the first time the 26-year-old model took to social media to spread the word on body positivity. Iskra recently posted a cheeky video of her dancing while eating a massive bar of chocolate:  

A video posted by Iskra lawrence🦄✨ (@iskra) on

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Or that time she reminded her fans that “you don’t have to try n be perfect bc it doesn’t exist.”

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And that time she posted a jaw-dropping booty pic showcasing her stretch marks, cellulite, and back fat…not that anybody could focus on anything besides her outstanding bum.

A photo posted by Iskra lawrence🦄✨ (@iskra) on

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Thank you, Iskra, for not having any time for thigh-gap/skinny model nonsense, and for loving your sexy self just the way you are. 

But please, can we take a quick minute to acknowledge how unfazed the commuters are? Save for the applause at the end of Iskra’s speech, people were doing their own thing. Like this lady:

“Just livin’ my life, nbd.”

H/T: Unilad