It’s the Year of Beyonce!

Now put your hands up!

Now put your hands up! 

Photo by Greg Gex

Though she “ran the world” in 2011 and gave birth in 2012, we’re pretty sure we can mark 2013 as the Year of Beyonce. Firstly, she’s the new face of Pepsi, which is more awesome than you think– remember the Gladiator commercial, y’all? Hot. Plus, Pepsi cans now look sexier than ever with her face on them! Oh, and in case you didn’t know, she’ll be the half-time entertainment at the Super Bowl on February 3rd, which frankly will be quite refreshing after watching Madonna’s rickety dance routine and M.I.A.’s happy hands last year. In case none of this is exciting enough, Mrs. Carter has a revealing documentary set to premiere on HBO February 16th (check it out below). If you’re not excited, then you’re not real.

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