Argentinian Beauty Ivana Nadal Goes Topless on the Beach

Get to know the model and TV starlet.
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If you've never heard of Ivana Nadal, now's the time to pay attention.

The sultry model is a major fixture of Latin American TV. The host of Argentinian game show Escape Perfecto (or Raid the Cage elsewhere) and commentator for Spanish-language sports network, this fiery stunner has gained a reputation for dazzling viewers, and her Instagram account is no exception.

Based on her steamy interviews with the Argentinian press, Nadal sounds like someone we want to get to know a bit better.

"Men like me everywhere," she said in a 2014 interview. "First, my mouth; second, the boobs; and third place, my tail."

"I participated in threesomes, yes," she added. "I made it with a girl and a girl, and another with two boys."

That's some candor we can support.

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