Izabel Goulart Deserves a Gold Medal For Closing The Olympics With a Sexy Samba Dance

The Victoria’s Secret supermodel just won Rio 2016.


(Photo: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

For the closing ceremony of the Rio Olympics, the responsibility was entrusted to supermodel Izabel Goulart to wear a teeny-weeny jewel-encrusted bikini and shake her hips to a rapid samba beat.

It was a tall order, but Goulart, holding hands with easily the luckiest man in Rio, expertly pulled it off.


Some are saying her ‘Victoria’s Secret Show meets Carnaval’ sashay was the highlight of the ceremony, but just about everyone is gawking at her impossibly rock-hard figure.

Iza even took us behind the scenes on Instagram to show us all the squats and leg lunges that go into looking Olympic Stadium-ready.


We ask you: Where is her gold medal?