Jaime Pressly


TYPECASTING? Jaime has played a randy dancer on the TV series Jack and Jill, and had the lead in Poison Ivy: The New Seduction. In 100 Girls she’s “The Goddess,” and in Not Another Teen Movie she’s “The Nasty Cheerleader” who wears short, short skirts.

NORTH CAROLINA’S FINEST EXPORT: Jaime was born and raised in Kinston, NC.

JEAN CLAWED: During filming of the straight-to-video flick, Desert Heat, Jaime constantly had to ward off the advances of costar Jean Claude van Damme.

LUCKY BASTARD: She lost her virginity at age 14 to her first high school boyfriend.

“"I’m blond and have a great body, so people assume I’m a bimbo. Haven’t you guys realized by now that I’m more than a body?”

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