Jamie-Lynnn Sigler Can Join Our Entourage Any Day

Tony Soprano’s little girl becomes a made woman with HBO’s biggest playboys. By Lauren Ciraulo

The last time we saw Jamie-Lynn Sigler, she was clum­si­ly parallel-parking her Lexus outside a New Jersey diner as Mob princess Meadow Soprano. While the show’s cryptic, Journey-soundtracked ending left some fans cold, the Long Island native always kept temperatures at a boiling point. Now she’s teamed up with a different group of wise guys as one of Entourage’s primary guest stars this season. The HBO alum not only feels relaxed at the network that made her a star but thrives on the testosterone-laden atmosphere. “I’ve been ‘one of the guys’ my whole life,” she laughs.

She was less comfortable, however, appearing as herself—a role Jamie-Lynn found surprisingly tough to execute. “I thought it would be a piece of cake,” she says, “but it’s almost harder than playing a fictional character.” So how does she feel about Entourage’s references to the series where she made her bones? “Of course there are some Sopranos allusions,” she says, “but the producers have a great way of not letting it define me.” As for details of her story line on the show, at press time she was keeping her mouth shut tighter than a Mafia capo.

Aside from shaking things up with L.A.’s most eligible fictional bachelors, Jamie-Lynn is adapting to her real-life move from New York to Hollywood. Though currently shooting the indie flick Son of Mourning with Heather Graham and fellow Sopranos gang member Lorraine Bracco, she confesses, “After doing Entourage, I really miss TV.” Needless to say, our TVs missed her right back.

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