Celebrate Jenna Dewan’s Birthday With Her Stunning Lingerie Pics

The actress and dancer is 39 today.


Jenna Dewan took some heat after posting some insanely sexy lingerie shots on Instagram.  

Photos taken as a part of what she calls the “Balcony Series”—which call to mind Lea Michele’s “Bedroom Series”—showed Dewan enjoying afternoon tea time in nothing more than black lingerie body suit.  


In a third shot, she donned the nearly see-through white gown she wore to the London premiere of Kingsman: The Golden Circle.


Short-sighted trolls proceeded to mom-shame Dewan (yes, that’s a thing) for setting a poor example for her daughter, Everly. 

One comment read, “You have a kid . . . Shame on you”

Another person wrote,“Of course she is hot but poor Everly. What signals is she sending to her young daughter? Mummy’s bum is all over the net haha. Lead by example,” 


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If it’s a crime to be a mother and post ridiculously sexy photos online, then we can think of about a bazillion other guilty parties. 

We’ve also got a hunch that these naysayers didn’t berate her now-former husband Channing for reprising his role as a male stripper Magic Mike XXL. Just sayin’.

While we hope she resumes the “Balcony Series,” enjoy more of the birthday girl’s sexiest Instagram shots. Haters be damned!