Jennifer Love Hewitt’s ‘Party of Five’ Co-Stars Claim She Hooked Up With Fans Back in the Day

Your ultimate ’90s crush wasn’t such a good girl after all.


Beloved ’90s series Party of Five went off the air 17 years ago. Accordingly, enough time has passed for the series’ stars to fess up to all the behind-the-scenes dirt.

Appearing on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Scott Wolf, who played lead Bailey, and Neve Campbell, a.k.a. Julia, delivered the goods.

During a rapid-fire question portion, host Andy Cohen asked them which Party of Five actor hooked up with fans the most. Can you guess who?

(Photo: FOX)

Neither outright blabbed, but Wolf, without hesitation, pointed to Jennifer Love Hewitt‘s head from a lineup of the series’ best-known stars.

The revelation prompted Campbell, who left the interview comparatively unscathed, to make the following surprised face (as if she didn’t already know)…

Hewitt joined the cast of the series in its second season as Bailey’s good-natured but tragically misunderstood girlfriend Sarah. Hewitt, then 16 years old, quickly rose to America’s Sweetheart status, which makes this tidbit all the more juicy.

This should give us all the glimmer of hope that, if the circumstances were right, we too stand a chance with ultimate ’90s babe Jennifer Love Hewitt. 

But she’s a stunner in any decade. Revisit Jennifer Love Hewitt’s sizzling 2012 Maxim cover shoot above.