You’ll Never Guess What 80-Something Mogul Snagged Mick Jagger’s Old Girlfriend

Rupert, you dirty old dog, you.

Model Jerry Hall has a crazy dating track record. After becoming the supermodel du jour of the 70s, she ditched singer Bryan Ferry for Rolling Stones cad Mick Jagger, becoming half of one of the most talked-about couples in history. Hall and Jagger have been separated for over a decade, and Hall has recently supposedly coupled up with another media fixture—one who has a turbulent history of his own.

Hall is reportedly now involved with billionaire media mogul Rupert Murdoch.

The two have allegedly been having a furtive affair for some time, having been introduced by Murdoch’s sister and niece in Australia. Gossip rags have caught wind, and the couple is reportedly soon to make their first public appearance at the Rugby World Cup final at Twickenham. This way, they can avoid getting caught in flagrante (à la Mick Jagger and Carla Bruni).

This news has raised some eyebrows, given that Hall is 59 and her new man is 84 and has never—as far as we know—been in a rock band. But age hasn’t much slowed Murdoch, who is still going strong as the co-chairman of 21st Century Fox and executive chairman to News Corp. His dating record, however, isn’t any better than Hall’s. He split from his third wife Wendi Deng back in 2013 after she allegedly got the hots for former British prime minister Tony Blair.

So, neither are strangers to dangerous affairs. Hopefully they can laugh about their dating pasts together while simultaneously plotting to destroy one another in the press. Hall even got two book deals out of her romantic history, in which she detailed her failed fling with Bryan Ferry in her 1985 tell-all Tall Tales and Jagger’s philandering in her 2010 book My Life in Pictures.

Whatever the nature of this relationship, you’re going to be hearing a lot more about these two lovebirds.

Photos by Michel Dufour / Getty Images