Jessie James

This country star croons about some of her biggest firsts.

Georgia stunner Jessie James is the smokingest thing to happen to country music since Willie Nelson rolled his first joint. The painfully purty 21-year-old, whose debut album is in stores now, sings straight from her sexy heart; unlike many other young singers, this foxy former army brat writes her own tunes. So gather ’round, y’all, and listen in as she shares some of her biggest firsts.

First Romantic Indiscretion

I write my own music, and I don’t write about anything that didn’t really happen to me, so my new song “Guilty” is based on a true story. I was dating a rock star—I’m not allowed to say who—but he was on tour a lot, so I just assumed he was cheating. It made me feel not guilty about doing it myself, you know? I don’t think he ever found out; he was too high on drugs.

First Kiss

It was on a golf course at 11 o’clock at night when I was 14. I took this boy, threw him up against a tree, and just kissed him. I told him no tongue, but then I was the one who stuck it to him. I felt so guilty afterward, I brushed my teeth and told my mom.

First Mooching Oscar Winner Penélope Cruz sat next to me in the VIP room at a Jay-Z concert in L.A. I didn’t really talk to her. I just sat there and stared because she’s so beautiful. She talked to me, though, because I had a fried-fish basket and some water, and she kept asking, “Can I have a sip of your water? Can I have a piece of your fish?”

First Attempt at Identity Fraud

I’ve used the fact that there’s another [famous] Jesse James to get into Mastro’s Steakhouse in Beverly Hills. The big celebs get the good tables, so I’ll have my best friend call and say, “Table for Jessie James.” They think it’s for Sandra Bullock’s husband, but then I’ll show up and be like, “Give me the table!”