Patriots QB Jimmy Garoppolo’s Obsession With Kate Upton Is Absolutely Hilarious

These are some of the thirstiest tweets you’ll ever read.


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Patriots quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has to be the biggest Roger Goodell fan in America. Thanks to the NFL commissioner’s unending war against Tom Brady, the Illinois-native is now the starting quarterback for one of the best football teams in the country. At least for another three weeks.

Becuase of his newfound relevance, people have combed through Garoppolo’s old tweets and uncovered some interesting little gems. There’s a lot of trivial nonsense, just as you’d expect a 20-year-old to be tweeting about, but there’s also this: A deep, abiding love for curvy supermodel and defender of the American flag, Kate Upton.

You can’t blame Jimmy, of course. Upton is an absolute stunner. 

Unfortunately for Garoppolo, she’s also very taken.