Joanna Krupa Got Naked at a Pool to Celebrate Independence Day, And God Bless America

The Polish immigrant is truly embracing her adopted land.

Polish immigrant turned reality star and model Joanna Krupa is a walking embodiment of the American Dream—albeit a far sexier version of it. 

For the 4th of July, the 38-year-old beauty celebrated living her “American Dream” how she knows best—by getting naked poolside and hitting Instagram with the smoldering evidence.

“Happy 4th of July!!! Proud to be Living the American dream!!!” Krupa patriotically captioned the bare-breasted photo.

It’s one thing to love America so much that you’re willing to immigrate here at a young age. It’s another to get naked for your adopted country.


It was sort of like that time she stripped down for her BodyBlendz photo shoot (see above).

Still, 4th of July doesn’t look all that different than any other day for Krupa. Below, see her bare all during the other 364 days of the year.