Watch Instababe Julia Gilas Get Totally Soaked in This Sizzling New Video

No one offer her an umbrella.

Not even a dreary overcast day could stop Julia Gilas from bringing the heat to the beach in this ridiculously sexy new video.  

From the mind of up-and-coming video director Jesse Souligny, "Chasing the Storm" is a departure from the sun-kissed photo shoots we're used to seeing from California-based models. 

"Hurricane Julia," as the Instagram caption quips, models a variety of scanty swimwear on the eve of a storm before she lets a waterfall completely soak her.

Julia Gilas Promo

This isn't the first we've seen of this fitness-loving babe. She previously made our list of the 16 most beautiful butts on Instagram for taking beguiling shots like these: 

We highly recommend following both Souligny and Gilas, unless you're cool with missing out on all of this hotness: