Get to Know Costa Rican Model Juliana Herz With 20 Screen-Melting Shots

This girl is going places.

We can't stop sifting through Juliana Herz's hotter-than-hell photos.

The 27-year-old stunner and former Joe Jonas squeeze has found success in the industry since leaving her Central American home country and moving to New York. Her gorgeous looks have landed her a spread in Cosmopolitan and a spot in Sports Illustrated's 2016 Casting Call, among other high-profile gigs. 

What's more, she's absolutely killing it on Instagram. Whether she's rockin' a Red Hot Chili Peppers band tee, quenching her thirst with a coconut, or modeling Montoya bikinis, Herz's pics never disappoint.  

You'll definitely want to give a follow. Here's a sampling from her fiery feed: 

Juliana Herz [Twitter/@juliherzz]

[Photo: Twitter/@juliherzz]