Celebrate JWoww’s Birthday With the ‘Jersey Shore’ Star’s Hottest Maxim Shots Ever

Catch her on ‘Jersey Shore Family Vacation’ this April.


We have a situation. JWoww, of Jersey Shore fame, is turning 32.

Although the late-2000s MTV hit was billed as pure schadenfreude—watching spray-tanned trainwrecks bulldoze their way through “the Shore”—we couldn’t help but catch feelings for some of these orange-toned protagonists.

Chief among them was JWoww, who became the Shore’s bronzed voice of reason. The New York-born beauty was always there when Snooki needed a hand (to pull her hair back) or when Mike “The Situation” needed to be put in his place. Over the course of six seasons, Jenni “JWoww” Farley became “the guidette you could count on.”

We can’t wait to see what trouble JWoww gets into come April when the reboot show, Jersey Shore Family Vacation, hits the airwaves.

So forget Snooki, Sammi Sweetheart or fuckin’ Angelina. JWoww was the girl you could rage out with at Karma… and then bring home to your mother in South Jersey.

Above, relive your late-2000s crush with retro Maxim shots of the Jersey Shore smokeshow… and a sexy behind-the-scenes video.