Supermodel Kara Del Toro Eating a Doughnut in a Bikini Is The Video We Need Right Now

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Bonafide bikini goddess and drop-dead gorgeous model Kara Del Toro just dropped what could quite possibly be the hottest Instagram video of all-time—or at least this morning!

With the intro from AC/DC's "For Those About to Rock" pulsing in the background, the delectable Del Toro suggestively bats her eyes at the camera as she takes bite after beguiling bite of a Krispy Kreme doughnut while wearing a sexy red bikini. 

Don't you wish that was longer? Fear not, as she generously uploaded two more jaw-dropping clips from the shoot. 

When she's not busy making our heads explode with tasty doughnut commercials, Del Toro is setting Instagram ablaze with fiery photos from her latest modeling gigs.  Here's a sampling that's sure to make you hit that "Follow" button:

h/t: The Smokeroom