The Kardashians Dressed Up as Victoria's Secret Angels For Halloween, And Yes, They Took Pics

Trick or treat?
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They catch a lot of flak from those who loathe reality TV or fame for fame's sake, but that didn't stop the Kardashians from trolling their haters by dressing up as the hottest models on the planet. 

Yes, Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Kendall and Kylie Jenner stripped down to lingerie, strapped on some giant wings and transformed into Victoria's Secret Angels for Halloween.

The video and pics from Kim's Insta speak for themselves. Through an arty, scratchy film effect we see the sisters doing authentic runway walks—but also being sisters, adjusting  and encouraging each other as they go.

The press paid attention, calling the move "cocky", "legit", and "elaborate," which is really putting it mildly. 

The Kardashians looked like they were having fun, we'll give them that, even though some raised questions about whether they should've done it all. 

So were the Kardashian costumes a trick or a treat? Discuss amongst yourselves.

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