Here's Kate Beckinsale in Front of a Christmas Tree Showing Off Her Sexy Yoga Skills

This takes talent.
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Kate Beckinsale is 44, looks 24, and she's easily one of the funniest, quirkiest movie stars on Instagram. She's also great at yoga, and the video above, posted Thursday, is all the proof you need.

But if you do need more proof, there's this. 

Beckinsale had to be in good shape to make the Underworld films: It's hard to sell kicking werewolf ass if you're not. 

We don't know of any new Underworld movies in the future; we do know Kate Beckinsale is having a better time dressing her cat as a dinosaur than she'd probably ever have on a movie set. 

And her Insta, as usual, is crazy fun in general. Check out some more shots below.