Watch: Topless Kate Bock Sizzles In Her ‘Sports Illustrated’ Swimsuit Photo Shoot


We’ve been huge fans of swimsuit beauty Kate Bock since she appeared in the pages of Maxim in 2014, and we were delighted when the Canadian model turned up for her fourth time in Sports Illustrated’s annual swimsuit edition. But the stunner got our pulse racing at the end of March when Sports Illustrated dropped a sizzling two-minute clip from Bock’s photo shoot in Malta.

Take a look:

“We had pure sun the entire time,” says Bock of her shoot. “The light here is just beautiful when it’s reflecting off the white stone everywhere. It’s like magic.”

Magic indeed, since the beautiful weather made Bock’s bikini top somehow disappeared while she pranced atop the gorgeous cliffs of the  Mediterranean getaway.

We think Bock was supposed to wear a swimsuit for this occaision, but we’re perfectly OK with the fact that she didn’t.

h/t Daily Caller