This Photo From Kate Upton's First Photoshoot Is Absolutely Adorable

Kate, is that you?
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Before Kate Upton was dominating the cover of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit edition and racking up accolades like Sexiest Woman Alive, she was a total dork like you and me.

Don't believe us? Upton herself posted a throwback photo to her first modeling campaign, and it's both totally adorable and totally shocking:

The campaign, shot for Dooney & Bourke back in 2010, features a fully-clothed Upton cheesing hard for the camera, legs splayed open. There's a vibe of geeky innocence in this shot, as there should be: At 18, Upton had just started landing the regular modeling gigs that would launch her towards stardom.

Fascinating? Intrigued? Disturbed? Here's a few more things you probably didn't know about Kate Upton:

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