Kate Upton Will Kick Your Ass (At Mario Kart)

We spoke to the supermodel about shameful dancing and why she’ll never be a pop star.

On Tuesday night, Kate Upton turned heads, per usual, at the Fashion Group International 30th Annual Night of the Stars. This came just days after Dancing With The Stars‘ MaksimChmerkovskiyconfirmed reports that the two have been doing the horizontal mambo. While we mend our broken hearts at that news, let’s focus on the good times we had with Kate, like the time she talked to us! It was the best moment of our lives — even if she did do it out of pity.

April 3 marked the two-year anniversary of the Dougie YouTube video that catapulted you into the mainstream. How about we declare April 3 Kate Upton Day?

Any day that anyone wants to make Kate Upton Day, I’m a fan. I’m all about it!

Does it feel like it’s been that long?

It really doesn’t. It’s pretty amazing that I was just having a good time at a game and my friend caught it and [now] all this.

Have you gotten any requests from artists wanting you to make a video to their dance song?

I don’t know if I’d wanna do that, because I do it for fun. I’m usually kidding around and someone catches me doing it. I never knew it was gonna be “The Dougie.”

Are you ever worried that someone will film you doing something less flattering and share it with the world?

Always. Because I always do something embarrassing on set. I’m just like, “Please don’t let that get out. Why can’t I have a filter?”

You’ve said you play to your strengths. Is there anything you know you won’t do just because you’d be bad at it?

Singing. I’m probably not gonna be a pop star. I’m a little upset. I really think I would’ve been good at it, but I don’t have that talent.

You claim you can’t be beat at Mario Kart. Are you intentionally trying to fire up some nerds? Because that’s what you’re doing.

No. I just know I can’t be beat. I play on 64, but I also like playing on Wii. I like Princess Peach.

Is it possible that people are just letting you win because you’re Kate Upton?

[Laughs] No. I’ve always won fair and square.

Photos by Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013