On the 10th Anniversary of ‘Knocked Up’, Revisit Katherine Heigl’s Very First Maxim Shoot

Can you believe it’s been a decade?

Katherine Heigl may have been unofficially blacklisted from Hollywood, after starring in too many saccharine romcoms and badmouthing her co-stars to the press.

But we don’t give a damn about her bad reputation. Instead, today—the 10-year anniversary of the release of Knocked Up—we celebrate Katherine Heigl in all her complicated glory.

Heigl had been on a steady uphill trajectory in Hollywood in the decade leading up to the release of the Judd Apatow-directed smash hit, starring in corny late ’90s slasher flicks like Bride of Chucky and Valentine. She also starred in Grey’s Anatomy, which sealed her fate as an A-lister.

But it was her deft comedic chops in Knocked Up that really endeared her to audiences. It’s just a shame she didn’t enjoy the movie as much as audiences did, telling Vanity Fair the stoner comedy was “a little sexist.”

However Heigl feels about her ’00s heyday, there is no arguing with that she’s a true star and we’ll watch her in just about anything. 

But we’re even more keen to see her strip down for her sexy 2000 Maxim shoot. Enjoy!