Katie Cassidy Is Returning to ‘Arrow’ So Celebrate With Her Sexiest Maxim Shots Ever

The good girl is going bad.


Can’t you just feel the void in Season 5 of The CW’s superhero series Arrow? At the end of the fourth season, fans bid farewell to star Katie Cassidy, whose character Laurel Lance (Black Canary) met an untimely death.

At last, the much-loved show will get its grove back. The daughter of your mom’s teenage crush, David Cassidy, will return to Season 6 as a regular cast member, although she won’t be the same Laurel fanboys know and love.

According to Variety, Cassidy will play Black Siren, the evil Earth 2 version of Black Canary. Fans may have anticipated this as Cassidy briefly appeared midway through Season 5 in her villainous new role.

We just can’t wait to see Cassidy, who played good-girl Laurel Lance for four season of Arrow, play it bad. The news called to mind Katie’s very naughty 2009 Maxim photo shoot, which you can see in the slideshow above.

Look away, David!