Keke Palmer Flaunts Her Amazing Body in the Steamy Video for ‘I Don’t Belong To You’

Who she actually belongs to is the best part.

Keke Palmer has an amazing body. We know because we’ve shot it before and found out first hand. In her latest video the Scream Queens actress shows off most of that body while singing to some dude (OK, maybe she’s really singing to us) “I Don’t Belong To You.”

That beautiful derriere?

Look but don’t touch.

Those thighs?

Nah dude, not for you. 

The video is pretty much a four minute montage of sultry moments — Keke dresses, Keke undresses, Keke showers — and we clearly have no complaints. But that twist at the end? Never saw that coming.

Maybe Palmer and fellow singer Cassie are about to get down to some quality hair braiding time.

Maybe not.