Spend 7 Minutes in Heaven With This Supercut of Christina Applegate From ‘Married With Children’

Kelly Bundy, we love you.


(Photo: Everett Collection)

There are few actresses who embody the playful coquettishness of ’90s babedom than Christina Applegate. For more than a decade, Applegate was a subversive sex symbol as Kelly Bundy on raunchy Fox sitcom Married…with Children, a raunchy, rebellious teen daughter in stark contrast to more uptight girls next door. While the stunning actress has enjoyed a remarkable film career since, we’ll always remember her as epitome of a bad girl — and thorn in father Al’s side.

In tribute to Applegate’s breakout role, the folks at TV Moments put together a incredible seven-minute highlight reel of her jaw-dropping time as the sexy, seductive Bundy. 


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h/t BroBible