Action God Steven Seagal and ‘Weird Science’ Bombshell Kelly LeBrock Have a Smokin’ Hot Plus-Size Model Daughter

Check out Arissa LeBrock’s hottest pics here.


Arissa LeBrock could stand to borrow a phrase from her mother’s iconic ’80s shampoo commercials: “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.”

The gorgeous plus-size daughter of Steven Seagal and Weird Science star Kelly LeBrock just recreated a scene from another of her mom’s classic flicks, The Woman In Red: when her red dress billows up in front of a befuddled Gene Wilder.

“It was such an iconic scene for me because I grew up watching that,” Arissa told the New York Post, which released the photo shoot exclusively. “I just admire my mother so much.”

Still, she undeniably takes after her father.

“LeBrocks tend to be very slender, and I ended up looking like a Seagal: strong and built,” Arissa said. “I feel powerful — I love my body.”

It’s just the start of her modeling career. Arissa currently appears on the Lifetime reality series Growing Up Supermodel, which sees the children of famous Hollywood stars battle it out to become models.

We just can’t wait for Arissa to recreate Weird Science next.

h/t New York Post