How Does the Star of the New 'Baywatch' Movie Stack Up to Pamela Anderson?

Kelly Rohrbach has a VERY different take on CJ Parker.
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(Photos: @kellyrohrbach on Instagram & Kypros/Getty Images

(Photos: @kellyrohrbach on Instagram & Kypros/Getty Images

Appearing on one of four covers of the Nov. issue of V magazine, Sports Illustrated model-slash-actress Kelly Rohrbach dropped some details about her upcoming role, one of the most anticipated in ages, as CJ Parker, the buxom lifeguard originated by Pamela Anderson and her famous red one-piece bathing suit.

Rohrbach told V that she intended to modernize the role for the Baywatch movie, with no disrespect to the O.G. C.J. Parker, of course.

"I didn’t want to just be a wax figure hot girl," Rohrbach said about her update on CJ. "I sort of made her anti-perfect. Goofy, fun, and awkward at moments."

"She's super grounded and unaffected. She doesn't see herself the way the world sees her on the outside," she added.

Whatever her take, the world will certainly be watching the beautiful Kelly Rohrbach when the Baywatch movie debuts on May 19, 2017.

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