15 Reasons You Need to Follow Bombshell Bikini Model Kelsie Smeby on Instagram

This babe is about to blow up.
Kelsie Smeby

Kelsie Smeby is undeniably one of the hottest rising models on Instagram right now. 

We first came across this beguiling brunette when we stumbled upon clips of Keslie chopping up a healthy snack in a black lingerie for a recent installment of Chris Applebaum's "EATS" series. Check out the action below: 

We promptly headed to her Instagram page after watching, and found that it's loaded with the types of head-turning shots that have all of the sexy hallmarks of an Instagram star. 

Whether she's strutting down the runway in a bikini for Miami swim week, chopping veggies, or rocking a skimpy Metallica tank, these 15 photos are guaranteed to persuade you to give Kelsie a follow. Do it now, and get ready to watch this Elite-repped stunner blow up.