Watch: Kendall Jenner Twerk for Half a Second to Sell You Clothes

Maybe it was two, half second twerks.

Fashion is about selling you stuff. Sure, we’re down with the provocative ads and hot models, but at the end of the day those are all tactics to sell you things you may or may not need. 

So when Kendall Jenner decided she wanted to be a model, she had to know what she was getting herself into.  Being tapped as a face of Balmain and its upcoming collaboration with H&M (which you should actually keep an eye out for because some of the outerwear is worth buying) meant that the brand had confidence she’d sell a hell of a lot of product. So what does Jenner do? She twerks.

Ok if we were to put on our heavy duty, “Twerk analyzing” goggles, we’d admit to you that she sort of begins to twerk. While that Balmain booty raises, we don’t get to see it drop. And we all know, the drop is an integral part of the twerk.

Instead we see a little bit a dancing, more than a sliver of side boob and a few bemused facial expressions. Maybe when the full video hits we’ll see a full twerk, but until then we’ve got to deal with this tease.

Video via Yahoo Style

Photos by Jacopo Raule/French Select