Women Are Paying for 'Designer Nipples' So They Can Look More Like Kendall Jenner

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Kendall Jenner, who famously said that she loves her "tits being out," is inspiring women to seek out plastic surgeons for "designer nipples."

They apparently love how the 22-year-old supermodel regularly goes braless, with her nipples high beaming through semi-sheer tops. It's making women whose nipples aren't regularly erect or pointed, but otherwise fine, kinda jealous. 

(Photo: YouTube)

(Photo: YouTube)

"I love Kendall Jenner, and I love that she just doesn't wear a bra. You can't see her nipples, but you can see the pointiness," says 28-year-old Susan in a video from the New York Post. "I think there's something really sexy and feminine about it."

Dr. Norman Rowe, a New York plastic surgeon, offers such nipple-conscious women fillers to make their nipples conspicuous through shirts and even bikinis. The fillers last about two years, whereas standard botox only lasts a few months. 

"I think more recently the more prominent nipple has become a very popular look and a trend, and a lot of our patients want that," Dr. Rowe says in the video.

Above, 10 surprise appearances of Kendall Jenner's nipples.