Kim Kardashian Named Her Baby ‘Chicago’, And These Pics Prove She’s One Hot Mama

Kimye’s latest offspring is named after daddy’s hometown.

Getty Images

In case you missed it, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed their third child into the world on Monday via surrogate. 

The power couple took to Twitter to reveal the, er, unique name they’ve endowed upon their new baby girl. 

Just hours before the announcement was made, Chicago’s mother posted a sexy-but-tasteful nude bedroom shot to Instagram.

The newborn news isn’t the only reason you may have see Kim K headlines recently, though. 

She didn’t take kindly to Lamar Odom’s recount of the end of his marriage to her sister, Khloe.

The ex-Laker said he knew the marriage was over when Khloe was “on her second or third NBA ball player” on BET’s Mancave. 

Kim clapped back with “or second or third brothel” in reference to Odom’s 2015 visit to a Nevada brothel that landed him in the hospital. Need some ice for that burn, dude? 

It’s just one more reason why you shouldn’t mess with this hot mama.