Kim Kardashian Sometimes Has Trouble With Twitter

But she’s voting for Hillary Clinton, we think.

Kim Kardashian-West (yes, that’s her full name so get used to it) loves a good selfie. We all know that. But did you also know that she loves politics? Take that in for a moment.

While the rest of you were giving a play by play of your thoughts on the Republican debate last night to your unfortunate Twitter followers/Facebook friends, the woman known for publishing a tome of her own selfies was chatting with the next presisent​president. Perfect time for a quick snap right?

While it’s unclear whether the photo will make it into a possible second issue of her seminal work that’s already in it’s fourth print run, what is clear is that Twitter really should get that edit function that Kimmy complained about a few weeks ago. In her first upload, the tweet was hashtagged #HillaryForPresisent. And while most have assumed it was just a misspelling of president, we have to wonder; having been First Lady, Secretary of State and a past candidate for President of the United States, maybe the queen of selfies was offering up props to Clinton’s persistence.