Kim Kardashian Eats Ramen Noodles Topless in Tasty Instagram Shot

She captioned the fiery photo “nudels.”


Kim Kardashian is visiting Tokyo, where she is participating in all manner of Japanese traditions, like eating ramen noodles topless with just your pink hair to cover your breasts.

Okay, maybe it’s not a tradition, but Kim K. makes a strong and delicious case as to why it should be.

The reality star shared an Instagram post of her doing just that, demonstrating some A-plus chopsticks skills but losing some points for sipping on a Diet Coke.

“Nudels,” she cleverly captioned the photo. 

In all, we would say the photo is super kawaii! But that has not spared her from the decency police of Instagram.

“That’s not how you eat noodles. Where are your manners?” one hater asked.

“Lmao wtf dude,” wrote another. “This women [sic] will do anything for attention.”

We want more of her topless ramen-slurping adventures. Until then, here are some more Instagrams: