Kim Kardashian Sparks Online Outrage With a Controversial Topless Selfie

“It amazes me what a bad mother you are.”

Kim Kardashian Promo

The Queen of topless Instagrams, her Majesty Kim Kardashian, has sparked outrage among her usually loyal subjects with her latest sizzling shot.

Many say a recent topless photo taken by her four-year-old daughter North West crosses the line. 

The photo show Kim K in just leggings with her bra unclenched admiring her own reflection in the mirror, while young North snaps the photo from behind.

Where was Kanye?

“It amazes me what a bad mother you are,” user @phxgirl87 wrote.

“It’s weird and creepy that you get your small child to take suggestive pictures of you when you have a whole entourage of people to do this for you,” @ellmxh bawked. 

“I loved you Kim, but this is completely inappropriate and God knows what other pictures you have taken with her that you haven’t posted.”

@jferrer161 wrote, “This is disgusting, Kim. There is no way that you thought it was appropriate to have your child take a picture of you removing your bra AND post it.”

“Would you post if she had taken a picture of Kanye in mid removal of his boxers? Be an attention-seeker all you want but please don’t drag children into it.”

That said, it is actually common for mothers to be naked in front of their young children.

“You all are insane, saying Kim is an ‘unfit mother,'” @chelsealynnlevesque wrote. “This is completely normal.”

Despite the outrage, Kim Kardashian has not removed the image from her Instagram. 

Where do you stand?

h/t NY Post