Kirsten Dunst Just Reminded Us Who the Real ‘Suicide Squad’ Is

‘The Virgin Suicides’ actress took a hilarious shot at the DC comic book blockbuster.


As the Internet continues to debate the merits of the critically-savaged Suicide Squad, actress Kirsten Dunst has cleverly chimed in about the DC superhero movie.

Sharing an image from her dreamy 1999 classic The Virgin Suicides, Dunst reminded us all, “There’s only one REAL suicide squad.”

Kirsten definitely gave indie movie lovers and Sofia Coppola fanatics an LOL throwback, even if the meme itself is a little dark. 

For those who haven’t seen the The Virgin Suicides or encountered its undying hipster fanbase, the film follows a group of enigmatic teenage sisters who all mysteriously one day… well, it’s in the title.

We’re still laughing, though.

h/t IndieWire