Kristen Stewart Reportedly Dating Victoria’s Secret Stunner Stella Maxwell

Is this the hottest celebrity couple ever?


There are a million celebrity couple theories being bandied about by tabloids, but a recent one is really picking up steam.

People magazine reports that former Twilight star turned serious actress Kristen Stewart may no longer be with indie-pop singer girlfriend St. Vincent. In fact, she may have moved onto one supremely sexy Maxim Hot 100 winner, Stella Maxwell.

The evidence: Stella recently visited Kristen on the set of an upcoming film in Savannah, GA, and “a source in their circle” gushes to the celeb title that the two are absolutely besotted with each other, clearly still in their honeymoon phase.

If all checks out, this will undeniably make for the hottest celebrity couple together right now. We’re even more into this than when Stella dated Miley Cyrus a few years back.

What will their mash-up name be? Staxwell..? Kraxwell..? Maxwart..?

See what Kristen is working with in Stella’s Maxim Hot 100 shoot video and smoldering Instagram shots below: