Kylie Jenner's Killer Curves Have Instagram Fans Asking If She's Had a Boob Job

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What 19-year-old mogul and Instagram sensation Kylie Jenner does in her own surgeon's office is her business. However lately she's had to deal with the fact that when you have an astonishing 83 million followers on the photo-oriented social network, a number of people will pay close attention to every shot you post — and notice things you'd rather they ignore. 

Recently, fans have begun asking in Kylie's comments whether she's had boob work done. 

The shot that sparked a few more questions than usual, as Life and Style first noted, is the photo above, of Kylie in the sun. After it was posted on January 5, many fans began leaving posts like these: 

"Can you tell this girls that your body not real and that you got your boobs done!!!!"

"I can't see through all the plastic(.)"

"... surgery and money...". 

Et cetera, et cetera.

It's true that Kylie herself has admitted to having other work done in the past. But in the end, who cares? After all, others — like actress Kaley Cuoco — have admitted to having boob jobs and said it was a great decision.

However she's chosen to get there, Kylie looks great. Maybe fans just need to sit back and enjoy the experience.