Kylie Jenner's Smoking Curves Make For a Perfect Last Selfie of 2016

Green is definitely her color.
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Like her sister Kendall, Kylie Jenner isn't slowing with the change of the year. She proved that Saturday night when she posted what she termed her last selfie of the year: a killer shot of her in a pale green two-piece that emphasized some of her finer assets. 

The Jenners no doubt had a great 2016, and as a result, Kylie's millions of Instagram followers had one too. She favored them and us with some memorable content. For a mix of old and new videos and photos like the killer shot above, just keep on scrolling.

And let's never forget this truly killer video, dropped as a sort of Christmas present — for which we're still pretty grateful. Thanks for a great year in hotness, Kylie. This year can only get better.