Kylie Jenner Heats Up Instagram With Sultry Shots of Her in Fur and Nothing Else

It's getting hot in here.
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She's still newly-single so Kylie Jenner has more time to 'gram, and that's great. Especially when she brings us smoldering shots like the one above, in which—as far as we can tell—she's pretty much wearing that fur jacket and nothing else.

The way Kylie seems to work, the fact these shots have no captions suggests she's stealth-promoting something, which isn't unusual for her. After all, she's already got a cosmetics line going on, so why not a full-blown push into clothing as well.

Whatever she's doing, we know Kylie is living her best life. As the Daily Mail reports, she's in Beverly Hills now, paying a cool $125,000 a month to be closer to all the places celebs like to hang out. Who can blame her? She's got work to do.

Check out how she works it on Instagram with some more shots—both old and new—below.

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