Kylie Jenner Heats Up Instagram With Sexy Underwear Selfie

No pants, no problem.
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Thank goodness for Kylie Jenner. While her sister Kim Kardashian is in retreat from her previously public life after a still-mysterious jewel robbery in Paris, Kylie is staying the course on her understandably popular Instagram feed. Most recently with one of the hottest underwear mirror selfies we've seen in a while. 

Of course this is Kylie, and that's the tip of the iceberg. Over the weekend alone she racked up more than 2 million likes with a simple, outdoorsy and bra-free tank top look.

And undaunted by the idea that sister Kim's unfortunate multi-million dollar robbery may have been prompted by Kim posting glittery selfies, Kylie has also been lounging around in fur—as one does. 

We're glad Kylie is keeping up that Keeping Up With the Kardashians spirit. 

We could go for a few more underwear selfies if she's up to that, though.